5 Steps to a Blissful De-Stressing Bath

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5 Steps to a Blissful De-Stressing Bath

After traveling on and off for the past three weeks, I arrived home yesterday to the very welcome sights of my own bed and my bathtub. We had a particularly stressful flight home (the kind where everyone cheers and embraces when you land) and I was ready to de-stress and wash away the anxiety of a day’s worth of air travel.

Taking a bath is a wonderful way to relax the mind and body and promote healing. And since the inspiration for this post came about while I was soaking in the tub last night, I venture to say that baths are great for promoting creativity as well! In the post that follows I introduce my 5 bathtub staples to get you started on the road to a blissful de-stressing bath.

5 Steps to a Blissful De-Stressing Bath

Lavender Essential Oil provides a great natural way to relax

5 Ingredients for Bath Time Bliss

1. Epsom Salts: Also known as magnesium sulfate, epsom salts dissolved into your bath will deliver your body a healthy dose of magnesium which is known for its miraculous healing abilities. Magnesium helps to relax the nervous system, promote better sleep, restore the body’s pH balance, and create optimum hydration. Basically, you can’t go wrong and according to Dr. Carolyn Dean, author of The Magnesium Miracle, many of us are deficient in this important electrolyte. For optimum benefit, add 2 cups of epsom salts to your bath.

2. Candles: This step is all about ambiance, baby. You’re worth it, so turn the lights down, light some votives, and set the mood.

3. Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender has been used to counter anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and depression. While it can be added directly to your bath water, I prefer to mix it first with some milk or cream for an extra decadent treat. To do this, add 8 drops of lavender essential oil to a cup of milk or a half cup of cream and add this mixture to the tub. Alternatively, add a few pumps of Creative Simple Life’s Lavender 4-in-1 Face & Body Oil to your bath for some deep moisturizing.

4. Milk: The proteins, fats, and amino acids in milk help to soothe and moisturize skin, making it an especially great addition for skin with sunburn or eczema. As mentioned above, it’s also a great carrier (due to its fat content) in which to dilute essential oils. Add a cup of whole milk to your tub or half a cup of cream.

5. Chamomile Tea: Don’t get into the tub without your beverage of choice. For me, this was a hot cup of chamomile tea, which is wonderful for promoting sleep and relaxation. But I know what you are thinking, and yes, this step could just as easily be replaced with a glass of wine. You decide.

5 Steps to a Blissful De-Stressing Bath

Bath Time Do’s and Don’ts

Once you are in the tub, there are few things that I recommend (or don’t). I’ve outlined them below.


  • Make sure those you live with know what you are up to and that you’re not to be disturbed.
  • Feel free to add more hot water to the tub if it cools off before you’re ready to get out.
  • Remind yourself how lovely you are. This is no time for self-deprecation.
  • Stay in until you get wrinkly. Why not?
  • Slather yourself post-bath with some homemade skincare goodies from the Creative Simple Life Etsy Store!


  • Fall asleep in the tub. This is dangerous and you could drown, which leads me to my next point.
  • Drown in the tub. This will ruin your bath time.
  • Use soap…unless you really want to. This is not a functional activity and the goal is not to get clean, although this is often a pleasant side effect.

So there you have it! It’s easy to create a blissful, de-stressing spa bath at home with these 5 simple steps. Set aside some time this week for some non-functional bathing, then just relax and do nothing! Your mind and body will thank you for it!

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  1. I LOVE your third “do” — remind yourself how lovely you are. So many women ruin a bath’s relaxing “magic” by critiquing their naked body when they should instead be enjoying the warm water’s soothing effects! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. What a great reminder of yet another way to relax and feel good inside and out I love a bath but tend to only do it in the winter time. Not sure why but I intend to have one tonight!!
    I love to take the stress of life away any way I can think of and what you wrote really appeals to me. Nice reminder to love yourself as well. Women tend to get so critical of their bodies when naked and alone. Most of the time none of it is true! :-)


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