April Link Love 2013

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April Link Love 2013

April has been showering us with more snow than rain here in Colorado this year. I remain hopeful that the rain and promised flowers are still on their way. In addition to quite a bit o’ weather, April has introduced me to some great new recipes & ideas.

Here are my favorite April 2013 posts in the following categories:

 Homemade Skincare

I recently started incorporating honey masks into my weekly skincare regimen.  Try these 4 Simple Honey Face Masks for Every Skin Type if you are interested in experimenting. Do be careful with putting cinnamon on your face, however, as it can be irritating (do a spot test first)! I learned this the hard way.

Another recipe that has me excited is this one for Homemade Rose Water. I’d also like to try this out using essential oils to see if I can create a less perishable recipe.

As you know, I am a big fan of homemade body scrubs. This Sugar Scrub recipe uses great oils for you skin that will leave you feeling moisturized and smooth.

Gelatin Craze

Grass-fed gelatin has been all the rage lately. Turns out that a good source of gelatin can be incredibly nourishing for your body. This recipe for Tulse Geleé for Natural Hormone Healing is one that I’m looking forward to making.

I’m also busting to try this recipe for Healthy Kombucha Fruit Snacks and this one for Probiotic Gummy Candy! I’ll be making them all as soon as I get around to ordering some grass-fed gelatin. I’ve done some research and this company seems to be the best source available.

Real Food

It would never have occurred to me to make Kombucha Waffles, but apparently it can be done! I love finding new ways to incorporate fermented foods into my diet.

Lemons are so refreshing and good for us, yet they somehow always wind up drying out or getting moldy in my refrigerator. I’m hoping that this article on 31 Ways to Use a Lemon Peel will change that!

I’ve been really interested lately in rendering my own tallow–something I’ve never tried but would like to. If you are unsure about cooking with animal fats, I recommend reading The Skinny on Fat Phobia, which outlines healthy and unhealthy fats and why we need more (not less) of the healthy kind.

My husband and I LOVE making our own pasta, yet I’ve never considered making Sprouted Flour Pasta. This recipe looks delicious!

For some reason I’ve had a hankering for bread pudding lately. Carb deficiency? Unlikely. Regardless, this article has over a dozen recipes for both sweet and savory Slow Cooker Bread Pudding.


Over the course of the next few weekends, my husband and I are going to create a little garden on our urban-esque concrete porch. I’m thinking that heirloom tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and perhaps a few kale plants will be the perfect choices for our first joint garden. These articles have helped me get excited about all the possibilities:

Historically, the moon received just as much emphasis as the sun by farmers trying to decide when to sow their seeds. Click here to learn more about Planting by the Moon Signs.

Want to plant a garden with the kiddos? Here are some great ideas for Easy Gardening with Children.

Don’t let the lack of an outdoor garden space stop you from planting this spring. This list of Indoor Plants that Clean the Air and Remove Toxins is a great place to start nurturing your green thumb!

While garlic planting season won’t begin until the fall, this helpful article can get you started when the time comes: Garlic Food for Health

Home Remedies

Wondering what to do with oil of oregano? These two articles list its many uses: Oil of Oregano Uses and Oil of Oregano

Have trouble sleeping? Learn how to Naturally Increase Melatonin Levels and Sleep Better.

I hope that everyone has had a great April. With my first year of graduate school coming to a close I am welcoming the coming summer break with open arms. I have some exciting ideas that I’ll be working on during my school break and I look forward to sharing more about this with you in the coming months!

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