May Link Love 2013

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May Link Love 2013

May has been an exciting and beautiful month here in Colorado. My first year of graduate school (of three total) has come to an end and Spring has finally arrived! The trees are blooming and so are the plants in our community garden plot–something that my husband and I didn’t even realize was available to us until a few weeks ago. We now have access to a free (!) 10×10 foot plot where we are growing kale, collards, spinach, swiss chard, pickles, acorn squash, tomatoes, dill, parsley, basil, cilantro, oregano, thyme, and calendula! We are very excited to be growing some of our own food for the upcoming season!

May has also brought with it the promise of free time for me focus on a new business venture! Starting later this Summer I will be opening an Etsy store in which I’ll be selling homemade skincare products. Please stay tuned for more updates on this exciting new development!

For today, I’d like to share with you some of my favorite blog articles from the month of May!

Real Food

7 Day Bone Broth

How to Make & Eat Dandelion Fritters

How to Make Your Own Cultured Sour Cream

The Ugly (& Unhealthy) Truth About Vegetable Oils

5 Benefits of Ginger, Turmeric, & Cardamom & How to Make Them Pickled

Fermented Foods: Top 8 Reasons to Eat Them

Lavender Lemonade With Raw Honey

7 Ways to Use Broccoli Stalks

Flippable & Fluffy Grain-Free Pancakes

Mint Chocolate Coconut Ice Cream (dairy-free)


Switching to a More Natural Skincare Routine

How to Use Honey as a Cleanser

DIY All-Natural Detoxifying Deodorant

Homemade Sunscreen Lotion Bars

 Homemade Soft Hands Scrub

Natural Skin Toners that are Easy to Make

homemade hand scrub recipe 2

Photo Credit: The Nourished Life

Considering the time of year, I thought I’d throw in a few links this month to fun gardening posts! Are you planting a garden this year? What are you looking forward to growing?


14 Reasons to Have Compost Worms

Thirty Minute Thirty Dollar Raised Bed Garden

Thanks, everyone, for checking out this month’s Link Love article! I hope you are all enjoying the milder, and in some cases rainy, weather. As I mentioned above, stay tuned for more info on my new and upcoming line of homemade skincare products that I’ll be launching later this Summer! In the meantime, Happy Spring!



  1. Thank you so much for including our honey cleanser idea in your link-love. It is remarkably easy to make yourself and the effect is cleansed skin without synthetic chemicals. It is inexpensive too!

  2. Thanks for the link!

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